Box office from the movie Secretary

Box office from the movie Secretary

There are many things to be proud of from an American film called The Secretary. The producer who made this story picked up a short story with the same title but was able to adapt it to a greeting that was no less interesting. Based on the abilities and experience of Steven Shainberg who cannot be doubted, film Secretary is very worth watching.

Then the film released in America in 2002 also has two actor actors who have been very professional and able to develop the character in the film to be so real and devout that their natural acting skills make the main character very alive and not seemingly artificial.

Two big celebrity names fill and are able to portray the main characters who are quite hilarious and unique to be an interesting relationship to witness. James Spader and Maggie Cyrilenal were able to turn on the character of Gray Lawyer and also his clumsy and careless secretary but were very obedient to become an interesting relationship even though they were two very backward personalities.

With a variety of qualities that have been mentioned, we will not be surprised if the film Secretary is able to grab the title of Box Office as proof that the film The Secretary is a quality film.

During its opening week, the secretary film was able to reap a profit of 182.306 dollars and ranked thirty-one of eleven cinemas in existence. Film the Secretary was able to survive and continue to be screened in theaters with a long duration of 21 weeks.

Then the film also made a profit of 4.1 million dollars in the United States and Canada. Not to mention the other successes obtained with the amount of profits achieved by 9.3 million worldwide. The Secretary’s film also received various nominations and also won various kinds of awards from various categories. Both in terms of film and because of the cast.

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