Controversy of Secretary Movie By Steven Shainberg

Controversy of Secretary Movie By Steven Shainberg

A movie could be popular for several reasons; it could have ground-breaking story, grand effects or splendid acting skill. For “Secretary” movie by Steven Shainberg, it is the first and the last, added with a spice of controversy. Critics and audiences explain further why this movie is dubious.

First “Proper” Movie with BDSM Genre
Before 50 Shades of Grey, the movie with BDSM genre is not popular. Secretary by Steven Shainberg could be the first movie ever to bring the genre properly to the big screen. In early 2000s when the movie was released to the public, it gets hot comments but cannot beat the other big movies like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or The Transporters.
In short, this movie could be categorized as a flop, especially because it cannot pay back the production costs. The main reason for this low income from selling ticket is the genre. BDSM is still taboo and should not be exposed publicly. At the same time, early 2000 is the flourishing time for BDSM novels. Despite of the low enthusiasm from public, the movie actually presents the proper view of BDSM. Public could learn why people do BDSM and how they see their partners. It is a flip compared to the pictures provided by the cheap novels. The writers of the novel are depicting BDSM as a lifestyle instead of behavior problem.

The Climax of The Story
From the beginning, the audiences could see that Ms. Lee has troubled personality. She tries hard to act like normal people while repressing her own personality. This is the reason why people see her as a child in an adult woman body. Her first spanking experience opens new sexual fantasy which later will be explored. Ms. Lee has no complaint to her sexually abusive boss as she also enjoys being a submissive partner. Unfortunately, the boss quickly realizes what he is doing to Ms. Lee and fires her. Ms. Lee who already falls to the game end up chasing the boss. There would be no fame without the talk of the town. Soon after being released in the cinema, the “Secretary” movie by Shainberg raises controversy for its explicit images. This is the first movie that brings BDSM genre into big screen. In addition, the climax is going south from what the audiences hope.

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