The Actors that Play In the Movie Secretary

The film titled The Secretary is a film that can be said to succeed in gaining the attention of viewers and lovers of films from around the world. A claim from a producer named Steven Shainberg won the box office and had a very entertaining and interesting storyline.

A woman who is very careless and unable to socialize tries to apply for a job at company and is accepted as a secretary. Shortly after being accepted to work, he was told that the woman named Lee had the highest score among all job applicants interviewed by her.

But when the employee worked, Gray’s lawyer was often annoyed by Miss Lee’s performance. The secretary likes to make various mistakes in fixing and making reports so that instead of helping her work, it makes all the work more felt and in vain.

But despite often making mistakes in typing and being careless in completing other work, Miss Lee is a subordinate who is obedient or termed Submissive. Worse, Grey’s lawyer sexual orientation is someone who is very obedient and obedient like Miss Lee. So that the frustration felt by Gray’s lawyer turned into a sexual pressure in his daily life.

The actors that play in the movie Secretary

All of that was inseparable from the film produser Steven Shainberg in compiling the storyline coupled with the undeniable ability of the main character actor who had often been in the film industry.

Grey’s lawyer is played by James Spader, an actor who has often portrayed a similar character and has always succeeded in bringing the characters of each character portrayed. So it has become easy for him to portray the eccentric Gray lawyer and his secretary. Likewise with Secretary Lee, played by a famous actress from the great family Gyllenhaal. Namely Maggie Sylenhaal. His ability to truly bring Secretary Lee’s character to be so real and very close to day-to-day life because of Maggie.

Controversy of Secretary Movie By Steven Shainberg

Controversy of Secretary Movie By Steven Shainberg

A movie could be popular for several reasons; it could have ground-breaking story, grand effects or splendid acting skill. For “Secretary” movie by Steven Shainberg, it is the first and the last, added with a spice of controversy. Critics and audiences explain further why this movie is dubious.

First “Proper” Movie with BDSM Genre
Before 50 Shades of Grey, the movie with BDSM genre is not popular. Secretary by Steven Shainberg could be the first movie ever to bring the genre properly to the big screen. In early 2000s when the movie was released to the public, it gets hot comments but cannot beat the other big movies like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or The Transporters.
In short, this movie could be categorized as a flop, especially because it cannot pay back the production costs. The main reason for this low income from selling ticket is the genre. BDSM is still taboo and should not be exposed publicly. At the same time, early 2000 is the flourishing time for BDSM novels. Despite of the low enthusiasm from public, the movie actually presents the proper view of BDSM. Public could learn why people do BDSM and how they see their partners. It is a flip compared to the pictures provided by the cheap novels. The writers of the novel are depicting BDSM as a lifestyle instead of behavior problem.

The Climax of The Story
From the beginning, the audiences could see that Ms. Lee has troubled personality. She tries hard to act like normal people while repressing her own personality. This is the reason why people see her as a child in an adult woman body. Her first spanking experience opens new sexual fantasy which later will be explored. Ms. Lee has no complaint to her sexually abusive boss as she also enjoys being a submissive partner. Unfortunately, the boss quickly realizes what he is doing to Ms. Lee and fires her. Ms. Lee who already falls to the game end up chasing the boss. There would be no fame without the talk of the town. Soon after being released in the cinema, the “Secretary” movie by Shainberg raises controversy for its explicit images. This is the first movie that brings BDSM genre into big screen. In addition, the climax is going south from what the audiences hope.

Trivia! Unique Facts of Secretary the Movie by Steven Shainberg

Trivia! Unique Facts of Secretary the Movie by Steven Shainberg

It has been almost 20 years ago since Maggie Gyllenhaal became a secretary in a lawyer’s office and encountered a BDSM experience with her boss. However, this movie still exists and is a reference to nowadays movies with the same theme. This romantic-comedy movie may always be worth it for your valentine’s movie-binge night. However, there are some unique facts about this move that you may find interesting.

• The Posters
When this movie was released, there were two poster versions available. One shows the boss, James Spader, and the secretary, Maggie Gyllenhaal in several scenes; the other shows a model bend over, and the picture is taken from behind. Many people assumed that the model is Maggie since her role in this movie is the secretary. The model’s attire is what a secretary will wear.

The surprising fact is not about the model was not Maggie. She said herself in an interview that she was not the model for that poster. It turns out that the model was someone who dated her ex-boyfriend at that time. It’s just a mind-blowing fact that as surprising as the winning.

• It’s Different from the Original Story
Many movies are adapted from a particular story or novel, and this movie is not an exception. Actually, not only movies but also the story are also inspired by the particular story to give the player a familiar sense. The script was written based on a story written by Mary Gaitskill, but some twists are on the movie version.

In the movie, the main character is the secretary, Lee Holloway, and the boss is E. Edward Grey. The setting for this movie is in Florida, and it is different from the original story. In Gaitskill’s version, the characters live in Michigan, and the main characters’ name is Debby Roe. At the same time, the employer is only known as “the lawyer.” It is not confirmed yet why the producer or the director change them, but after all, the change doesn’t intersect the story itself.

So, this movie may have something to offer you a different experience of a love-theme movie with BDSM spices. If you find it intriguing, you can try to watch this 7.0 rated movie. Happy watching!

Fashion Of The Main Character in Secretary Movie By Steven Shainberg
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Fashion Of The Main Character in Secretary Movie By Steven Shainberg

Fashion Of The Main Character in Secretary Movie By Steven Shainberg – When people talk about the movie titled “Secretary” directed by Steven Shainberg, they would be likely to describe the poster first. It is without doubt raising a lot of questions. From fashion point of view, it keeps the audiences hanging; they won’t know the real meaning of the picture without watching the entire movie.

Provocative Poster

The fashion that leaves impression to the audiences is the poster of the movie. The word “secretary” is written in white typing-machine font. It is placed on the characters’ short skirt, one that is too tight and barely cover her private parts. Through this placement, the director wants to state the heroine position as the secretary, but not the ordinary ones.

It is clear that the actress wears high heels and black transparent panty hose. Among women, these pairs are the never-fail secret to attract male attention. It gives them sexy feeling as they walk into the room. The actress is reaching her hands to her ankles, a sign that she is not forced but rather enjoying the situation.

If the audience pays close attention, the heels worn by the female character is not the formal type. It resembles to the products displayed in Hollywood avenue, where people are looking for fancy items. In addition, the audiences are not able to see the face.

Fashion Of The Main Character in Secretary Movie By Steven Shainberg

Another Images

Moving from the poster, the next famous images of Secretary movie is the horse pedal scene. Ms. Lee, the female heroine is wearing a white long-sleeves top paired with not-too-tight skirt. She ties her hair neatly and tuck in her top. She has her heels on, but not standing on it. On the table, she stays on her hands and knees. The provocative prop is the horse saddle tied to her waist. On her mouth, she is biting a leafy carrot. The costume and props set alive wild imaginations among the audiences. Despite of the inhumane treatment, she is still putting a smile on her face.

A lot people believe that cut of scene pictures are enough to guess the whole plot of the story. This is not the case for “Secretary” movie by Steven Shainberg. From the fashion worn by the heroine, it would be a sexual movie. Who knows that the movie tells more than that?

Alternative Casts for Secretary Movie’s Lee Holloway
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Alternative Casts for Secretary Movie’s Lee Holloway

Alternative Casts for Secretary Movie’s Lee Holloway – This movie is a rather different BDSM movie which lightly depicts masochism. The character of the submissive secretary belongs to Maggie Gyllenhaal. There may not be any other actress can play the role as well as her. Still, there are some alternative casts which may fit the character if Gyllenhaal didn’t accept the offer.
• Isabelle Huppert from the Piano Teacher (2001)
Isabelle Huppert can be an alternative for Lee Holloway character not because of her submissive characteristics but her experience in this kind of movie. Huppert plays a masochist character in the film The Piano Teacher in 2001 which a sort of BDSM movie.

Alternative Casts for Secretary Movie’s Lee Holloway

Huppert plays a character of masochist piano teacher who seduces her student. Her acting is so delicate that the audience can see how tempting is her seduction. It is as tempting as playing games in the online casino, especially, since the jackpot is so big. So, playing Lee Holloway may not be a difficult task for her.

• Kerry Fox from the Intimacy (2001)
Kerry Fox may be the next choice for Secretary main actress. Her role in Intimacy as an unnamed girl who has sex with a bartender every Wednesday is quite not ordinary in the right way. And you can’t stop to aim at the jackpot as soon as you sign up to play. She had to do the wordless and graphic sex scene, which give her an experience to this BDSM character.

• Heather Graham from Killing Me Softly (2002)
This movie is not necessarily BDSM, but the erotic scene by Heather Graham is a good prove that she might be good to act as Lee Holloway. Her soft features also fit into the character and can benefit the movie differently from Gyllenhaal.

Secretary Movie’s Lee Holloway

In Killing Me Softly, Graham plays as Alice who abandons her boyfriend to be with a climber. Allice and the climber meet as a stranger. Yet, Alice is captivated by his charm. After having passionate sex with him, she chooses the climber than her boyfriend. Graham’s experience in this movie can be a great advantage to act as Lee Holloway.

Those are alternatives for Lee Holloway in Secretary movie. However, no one can replace the iconic Maggie Gyllenhaal for this character. These alternatives may make the film has a different side which can lead to audience disappointment.

What Makes Secretary Movie by Seven Shainberg Great
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What Makes Secretary Movie by Seven Shainberg Great

What Makes Secretary Movie by Seven Shainberg Great – In 2002, there is a very good film to watch. This film is titled Secretary with Maggie Gyllenhaal, starring James Spader, and Jeremy Davies as the main character. This film was directed by Steven Shainberg and comes with the genre Comedy, Drama, Romance. This film is rated for viewers over 18 years old. Duration 1 hour 47 minutes, this film tells the story of a young woman with certain conditions. She had just been discharged from a mental hospital where she got a professional job as a lawyer secretary. She and her lawyer had their professional relationship turned into a certain sexual disorder known as sadomasochistic sex.

In this romantic comedy drama film, Lee Holloway is played by Maggie Gyllenhall who is a secretary who not only works professionally but also becomes the object of her boss’s love. This film is packed with specific sexual elements, namely sadomasochism, which makes this film seem naughty in the eyes of many audiences. However, if you observe carefully, actually the specific sexual element is only a means to achieve a goal of delivering the message of the film Secretary. This film has a moral message with the social satire that exists in office life at that time. The depiction of S&M in this film is very clear and real. This film uses S&M as a taboo subject to be portrayed through something cheerful and sweet and of course this will be greeted differently.

Actress Maggie Gyllenhall co-stars with James Spader who plays his boss. Gyllenhall is steeped in the characteristics of being sweet, shy and experienced. Although sometimes annoying, he is very easy to like by people. On the other hand, the characteristics of Spader are cold, calm and calm people. This contrasting character is very evident in the very emotional Lee and his boss who is calm and does not have any emotion. The slick roles by Gyllenhall and Spader make this film very fun and look realistic. However, events like this are very rarely found in the reality of life. Overall, this film is very satisfying.

Secretary is a fun film and should be watched for entertainment. The story and duration are quite good and not boring. The most important thing from this film is the moral message that is raised by Steven Shainberg. Of course this film is highly recommended for those of you who like romantic comedy dramas. No wonder this film received 15 awards and 26 nominations including a Golden Globe.


The Secrets Behind Secretary: A Movie by Steven Shainberg

Secretary is a movie directed by Steven Shainberg in 2002 and this movie has created a large fanbase over the years. Due to its popularity, people wonder what is behind this movie and how he can come up with the story. Sometimes, they assume that the story comes from real experience. Here is the truth.
– Original Work of Mary Gaitskill
The original idea of the movie is based on the work of Mary Gaitskill. The original work is a short story with the same title, Secretary. However, the original work and the movie are not 100% similar because, in the movie, Shainberh makes some adjustments so that the movie doesn’t have the same color of the story although the storyline is quite the same.

– Changes to Make The Movie Gets a Better Ending
Shainberg admitted that this movie is rather different from the original short story because if it is made into a movie, the story should have depth and enough length.

The adjustments are also intended because he wants the movie to be more normal and to remove negative views of the BDSM relationship, as when you remove the negative view of playing online slot at For example, in the movie, the main character doesn’t blame the boss and enjoys the relationship by shouting “I’m your secretary” instead of “I’m so stupid” which highlighted the moment of triumph.

The Secrets Behind Secretary

– Other Sources of Inspiration
Shainberg also added that the source of his inspiration also comes from the movie titled My Beautiful Laundrette. This movie was released in 1985 and it was one of the movies that brought up the issue of gay relationships. In this movie, the gay relationship seems very normal and the two actors have a great ending to their relationship. Shainberg wants to bring up the same issue and change the point of view of the BDSM relationship.

Shainberg gets the inspiration to create Secretary from the short story by Mary Gaitskill. But, there are some changes to the original story and he stated that he changed it because he was inspired by a movie titled My Beautiful Laundrette.

A Brief review of Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg
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A Brief review of Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg

Hollywood is one of the biggest movie industry in the world. One of the most popular romantic comedy-drama in Hollywood is Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg. It belongs to a romantic drama comedy movie. The writer of this film is Erin Cressida Wilson. This movie was directed by Steven Shainberg. Well, actually, The Secretary Movie is an adaptation of the short story. The title of the story is Secretary and written by Mary Gaitskill. The Secretary Movie involves some actors and actresses to play some roles. The female lead is Maggie Gyllenhaal who plays Lee Holloway as a submissive secretary. Meanwhile, the male lead is James Spader who plays E. Edward Grey as the boss of Lee. The other casts are Joan Holloway as Lesley Ann Warren, Burt Holloway as Stephen McHattie, Peter as Jeremy Davies , Tricia O’Connor as Jessica Tuck, Dr as Patrick Bauchau. Twardon, Amy Locane as Lee’s sister, Oz Perkins as Jonathan, Michael Mantell as Stewart, Sabrina Grdevich as Allison and Ezra Buxxington as typing teacher.

The movie tells a story about Lee Holloway being a submissive secretary. She is easily getting awkward in some situations since she is living in a dysfunctional family. She has been hospitalized for a while due to self-harm action. After that, she managed to be a secretary to start a new life. Then, she applied as a secretary under the attorney, E. Edward Grey, by achieving the highest score among the applicants. The story of Secretary Movie was started by the madness of Grey towards Lee’s mistakes. However, as time goes on, Grey started to feel a sexual interest in the behavior of Lee. She was obedient to all of the orders of Grey. After the confrontation with Lee’s self-harm action, Lee started to fall in love with Grey. However, Grey felt some insecurity through some conditions.

Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg

After that, Lee was encountered with Peter and did sex with him. Grey who knew about this fired Lee immediately. Actually, Lee was planning to get married to Peter. However, on the wedding day, Lee was running out through Grey’s office. In the office, Lee was tested by Grey to keep quiet and sit in the chair for several hours. Lee who was truly in love with Grey followed his command. After knowing about this situation, Grey apologized to her and marry her. The Secretary Movie was released in 2002. This movie can obtain about $4.1 million based on ticket sales in the US and Canada. In addition, this movie also obtains about $9.3 million throughout the world.

The Synopsis of Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg
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The Synopsis of Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg

The Synopsis of Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg – Secretary movie is an adult movie directed by Steven Shainberg. This movie is released in 2002. It was first released in Sundance on 11 January 2002 and later on released on the United States on 20 September 2002. This is a box office movie produced by Andrew Fierbeg, Steven Shainberg, and Amy Hobby. Here is the synopsis of the story.

– Outline about the Secretary Movie

This film is categorized as an adult romantic and comedy movie. The main players are Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jeremy Davies, James Spander, Jessica Tuck, Sabrina Grdevich, Oz Perkins, Ezra Buzzington, Lesley Ann Warren, Patrick Bauchau, Michael Mantel, and more. This movie made based on the story of Secretary by Mary Gaitskill. This is a huge success because of the profit of this movie in a big number which number of profit is as huge as an online gambling site like makes. A lot of active online gambling players are just as profitable as movie viewers in the end.

– The Plot of the Secretary Movie

The story began when Lee Holloway (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal) applied for a secretary position in a law office owned by E. Edward Gray (played by James Spader). Holloway was coming from a broken family and has received treatment in a hospital for her mental illness. As soon as Holloway released from the hospital, she decided to join the typing course.

When the lawyer opens a position to replace his previous secretary, Holloway decided to take the opportunity and applied for the position. Gray explained that this is a boring job because she had to stay in front of the typing machine every day, but Holloway agreed with that. The story was getting interested when Holloway made many mistakes during her work and Mr. Gray attracted by Holloway’s behavior, where she was obedient to Mr. Gray.

In a short, Mr. Gray and Holloway fall in love with one another. Mr. Gray was demanding perfection and Holloway enjoyed every time Mr. Gray punished her. Realizing that they were complete to one another in sexual habit, they decided to experience more. Holloway can feel that she fell in love with her boss, but Mr. Gray felt sick with his sexual behavior.

Holloway had a boyfriend called Peter. One day, Mr. Gray fired Holloway because of the thing she did in the office with Peter. Peter proposed Holloway but she rejected it and ran to Mr. Gray’s office. In the end, Holloway and Mr. Gray married and live together.

The secretary movie is categorized as an adult romantic and comedy movie. This movie is supported by Gyllenhaal, Jeremy Davies, James Spander, Jessica Tuck, and more. The story of the movie itself is unique because described the dominant and submissive sexual relationship.

Review of Secretary Movie
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Review of Secretary Movie

Review of Secretary Movie – Films with romance-comedy themes have always been a favorite of many people. One of the rom-com genre films that has been released for a long time but which you can still enjoy until now is Secretary. This film tells the story of a woman who has a tendency to hurt herself.

The woman just left the mental institution. He finally decided to work as a secretary in a law firm. But the funny thing is, he fell in love with his own boss. Then what is the next story? If you are curious and want to know more about this film, please refer to the following review.

Film Review Romance Secretary Movie

Secretary Movie tells the story of a woman named Lee Holloway played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. It is said that Holloway has a tendency to injure himself while feeling depressed. Because of this condition, he also had to spend several years in a mental institution.

After he finished his therapy in a mental institution, Lee then decided to work as a secretary for Edward Gray, a lawyer who could be said to be shy, introverted, and rather freaky. Of course, the relationship between the two began with professionals. Lee worked as a secretary in Edward’s office. Even though Edward as a boss is quite strange. He is very perfectionist and does not want any slight mistakes. Even typing errors may not occur.

For every mistake made by Lee, Edward has his own sentence. Unexpectedly, this is where the beginning of romance began. Edward punished by “hurting” Lee every time a mistake was made. Even though the error is quite trivial. But the punishment given to Lee didn’t even bother him.

Strangely, Lee instead enjoyed the punishment given by Edward. This is all because of Lee’s habit of always hurting himself. Lee began to stop the habit of hurting himself. Finally, Lee and Edward’s relationship became even closer because of the strange needs of both. From this feeling of mutual need, they fell in love with each other.

Unfortunately, Edward, who was afraid of the feeling of falling in love with Lee, finally decided to fire Lee. Even though Lee didn’t want to be fired, he finally quit this job. To fill the void left by Edward, Lee finally decided to look for another man. He even almost married his high school friend, Peter.

But Lee later realized that he had actually only loved Edward. He also decided to cancel his marriage and chase Edward to his office. In the end, the film ends happily. The original story ideas and dark comedy presented in the film Secretary are able to keep the audience entertained.

Fun Facts About Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg
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Fun Facts About Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg

Fun Facts About Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg – The Secretary Movie is a romantic and erotic movie directed by Steven Shainberg in 2002. The plot of the movie is interesting to see. This movie can be categorized as an adult movie since the story spotlight the sexual habit between the boss and his employee. This movie is a huge success and remains an erotic movie which not much in that era. Here are the fun facts about Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg.

– Based on Short Story

Secretary Movie is a movie made by a short story, titled “Bad Behaviour” by Mary Gaitskill. The public knows her as the American short story writer and novelist. There are many top American magazines review on her works. Gaitskill was born on 11 November 1954 in Lexington, Kentucky. Her work mostly talked about romance, erotic, sex, sadomasochism and other critical issues experienced by the teenager. Her work called Bad Behavior discussed BDSM and submission also a dominant relationship which is a more popular theme today. This theme is even used in many other industries including online gambling games as offered widely.

– The Main Characters Get Positive Feedback for Their Performance

The main character of the movie, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and James Spander gets a positive critic for their role in this movie. People applause for their performance since the movie gives unusual plots comparing to another movie at that time. The brilliant acting skills from the main characters are giving a splendid atmosphere to the movie itself.

– Huge Success

This movie gains huge profits for its appearance in the cinema. The production budget of the movie itself is around 4 million US dollars and the profit received by the movie is 9.3 million US dollars. The movie itself said not played in every cinema in the United States, only certain cinemas play the movie but still, the profit is twice as much as initial capital.

– Many Unusual Scenes

Since this movie focus on erotic and romantic love movie, there are many unusual scenes appeared in the movie. The main player, Maggie Gyllenhaal doubts herself at the beginning. She challenges herself after the director; Steven Shainberg asked her to challenge herself in acting skills and proved her talent as the actress. There are many funny yet erotic scenes appear during the movie but this movie to be said as the inspiration for fifty shades of grey movie.

Secretary Movie is an unusual movie since it challenges its players to play the extraordinary characters in this movie. There are many fun facts about this movie. They are the movie based on the short story by Mary Gaitskill, the main characters get positive feedback for their performance, get huge success and there are many unusual scenes in the movie.

Achievement of Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg
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Achievement of Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg

Have you ever watched a movie titled Secretary? The film was released in 2002 and has gained considerable success. Film Secretary tells of a woman named Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who just got out of a mental hospital due to a childhood trauma she experienced.

Holloway is said to easily hurt himself if he is under pressure. After leaving his therapy at the asylum, Holloway then decided to work as a secretary in a law firm belonging to Mr. Gray. This is where the story begins. This film reap considerable success by gaining several awards from the world film event. In addition, film secretaries are still enjoyed today by film fans.

Award for Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg

Film Secretary directed by Steven Shainberg. In this film, Lee Holloway, who recently completed his mental health therapy at the hospital, decided to work in a lawyer office owned by Mr Gray. The boss, Mr. Gray, it turns out it’s no less strange. This boss is a handsome lawyer who is obsessed with perfection at work.

He does not like it until an error occurs, even in trivial matters. Another strange thing from Mr. Gray is, he always injects vitamins for plants in his room. The goal is that the plant is always flowering. Mr. Gray then taught Lee how to become a perfect secretary without making mistakes.

One of the highlights of this film is some fairly frontal sexual scenes. For example, there are several scenes where Mr. Gray hit the butt of Lee. Strangely, Lee instead enjoyed it. Her bad habits for hurting herself are gone and she is happier if she is hurt by Mr. Gray.

Over time, Lee also fell in love with Mr. Gray. But, Mr. Gray who actually likes Lee feels frightened by his own feelings and decides to sack Lee unilaterally. Surely Lee was shocked by Mr. Gray fired him. But he also must or not have to accept.

Feeling hurt, Lee finally tried to find an escape to another man. He even almost married his high school friend, Peter. But ‘in the end, Lee realized that he only loved Mr. Gray.

This original story idea brought many awards to the film Secretary. It turns out that many people enjoy this dark comedy movie. Behind the sexy and frontal scenes, of course there are still messages that can be obtained by the audience. This is what led the film Secretary to get a lot of awards from several world film events.

Steven Shainberg, The mind behind the Movie Secretary
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Steven Shainberg, The mind behind the Movie Secretary

If you have ever watched an American romantic comedy entitled the Secretary, you know if the film that gets the Box Office is a film produced by Steven Shainberg. Steven Shainberg is the niece of a well-known author named Lawrence Shainberg. Both were members of the Shainberg family who came from the state of Tennessee to be the inventors of the large chain store Shainberg which is now part of the Dollar General.

Steven Shainberg was born on February 5, 1963 by having various professions simultaneously such as a producer, director, and also a reliable scriptwriter. Steven Shainberg himself graduated from Yale University majoring in English Literature and East Asian Studies. His passion in movie makes him to be very interested in learning about all things related to movie making.

After graduating and earning a degree, he worked as a manager, assistant director, production section coordinator, and also as assistant director in various projects such as films, advertisements and also music rock videos. With various kinds of work, he gained a lot of experience and new knowledge and further sharpened his abilities in the art world. Then apparently Steven Shienberg also worked as a director who worked independently to work on Joseph Conrad’s adaptation projects, The Secret Agents and also Henry James.

In 1998, a short film titled Mr. Viril aired for almost a month on MTV in addition to his video for Debbie Harry, Strike Me Pink. Then Steven began to work independently by making feature films called Hit Me based on Jim Thompson’s novel entitled A Swell-Looking Babe, with a premiere that appeared on Toronto International Film in 1996 and was also released at the theater in 1998. But after that Steven Shienberg seemed to have been on hiatus for several years before finally reappearing in 2002 with a successful romantic comedy drama film called The Secretary.

Box office from the movie Secretary
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Box office from the movie Secretary

There are many things to be proud of from an American film called The Secretary. The producer who made this story picked up a short story with the same title but was able to adapt it to a greeting that was no less interesting. Based on the abilities and experience of Steven Shainberg who cannot be doubted, film Secretary is very worth watching.

Then the film released in America in 2002 also has two actor actors who have been very professional and able to develop the character in the film to be so real and devout that their natural acting skills make the main character very alive and not seemingly artificial.

Two big celebrity names fill and are able to portray the main characters who are quite hilarious and unique to be an interesting relationship to witness. James Spader and Maggie Cyrilenal were able to turn on the character of Gray Lawyer and also his clumsy and careless secretary but were very obedient to become an interesting relationship even though they were two very backward personalities.

With a variety of qualities that have been mentioned, we will not be surprised if the film Secretary is able to grab the title of Box Office as proof that the film The Secretary is a quality film.

During its opening week, the secretary film was able to reap a profit of 182.306 dollars and ranked thirty-one of eleven cinemas in existence. Film the Secretary was able to survive and continue to be screened in theaters with a long duration of 21 weeks.

Then the film also made a profit of 4.1 million dollars in the United States and Canada. Not to mention the other successes obtained with the amount of profits achieved by 9.3 million worldwide. The Secretary’s film also received various nominations and also won various kinds of awards from various categories. Both in terms of film and because of the cast.

Uniqueness of Secretary Movie Compared to Other Films
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Uniqueness of Secretary Movie Compared to Other Films

Each film usually has its own uniqueness. One of them is like the one in the film titled Secretary. The film tells the story of a woman named Lee Holloway who just got out of a mental hospital. As a result of the childhood trauma he experienced, Lee also had a tendency to hurt himself while under pressure.

After leaving the mental hospital, Lee then decided to work as a secretary in a law firm owned by Edward Gray. This is where the uniqueness and essence of the story begins. Even though it has been released for quite a long time in 2002, film Secretary is still a favorite of many people from  today.

The Uniqueness of the Film Secretary Movie Compared to Other Films

Film Secretary told of Lee Holloway who had just finished his mental health therapy in a mental hospital. He later worked as a secretary in a law firm owned by Edward Gray. This boss is a perfectionist handsome lawyer and has some strange habits.

One of the weird habits of Edward is that he always injects his plants with vitamins. The goal is that the plant is always flowering. In addition, Edward also doesn’t like Lee making mistakes in his work. If there is an error made by Lee. So Edward will immediately punish Lee by “hurting him”.

One of the uniqueness of this film is that there are many sexy scenes that are reluctantly released by the director. But precisely this is where the story begins. Lee, who was given a punishment by being ‘hurt’ by Edward, actually felt uninterrupted. He instead enjoyed it. His bad habit of hurting himself was lost because Lee was happier if hurt by Edward.

Uniqueness of Secretary Movie Compared to Other FilmsUnexpectedly, this strange habit that occurred between the two actually made Lee fall in love with the boss. Edward himself also gradually grew to like Lee. But he felt frightened by his own feelings. Edward decided to fire Lee.

There is still more uniqueness displayed in this film Secretary. The idea of the film secretary is quite fresh. Because unlike other rom-com films which usually have a similar storyline to bring together the two main characters. But Edward and Lee fell in love in a strange and unusual way.

But this is precisely what makes the Secretary Movie unique. Although there are many frontal scenes, this is not the main focus of this film. Surely the romantic story between Lee and Edward is the essence of this story. Many messages can also be obtained from Lee’s persistence to convince Edward’s heart.

The Theme Taken from the Secretary Movie
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The Theme Taken from the Secretary Movie

Currently there are various types of film themes in circulation. Starting from films with horror themes, thrillers, sci-fi, romance, to comedy. It seems that now a light film with a romantic comedy theme is becoming a favorite of many people. Films with romantic comedy themes are not only entertaining in terms of comedy.

The romantic stories told can also entertain and give moral messages to the audience. An example of a film with a romantic comedy theme that has been released for quite a long time but is still liked by the community is Secretary. The film, directed by Steven Shainberg has a funny and romantic storyline. Perfect for you to watch while relaxing.

Theme from Secretary Movie

Secretary Movie is a film with a romantic comedy theme. This film tells the story of Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who works as a secretary in a lawyer office owned by Edward Gray. It sounds like there is nothing wrong with Lee’s profession as a secretary. But if you watch this movie, you will realize that Lee actually has a disorder where he tends to hurt himself when he is feeling depressed.

This is why at the beginning of the story, Lee was told that he had just left the mental institution. Only then did he work in the office of Edward Gray. As a boss, Edward is known to be quite strange for but professional. He is very perfectionist when it comes to work.

Sexy elements can also be found in this film. It was told that for every mistake made by Lee, he would get a sentence from Edward. Lee will be ‘hurt’ by his boss as a punishment if he made a mistake. It turned out that the punishment given to Lee didn’t even bother him.

Lee actually enjoyed the punishment given by Edward. This is related to Lee’s habit of hurting himself. Finally, Lee decided to avoid the habit of hurting himself. The relationship between Lee and Edward began to form from this interdependence.

You can see the romantic theme directly when Lee and Edward start falling in love with each other. Edward, who was afraid of his own feelings of falling in love with Lee, decided to immediately fire Lee from his office. Of course this makes Lee feel upset and hurt. He also decided to look for another man.

Even Lee almost married his high school friend, Peter. But the marriage was finally canceled because Lee realized that he only loved Edward. With this romantic love story, film Secretary is able to entertain his fans. In addition, the audience will also be entertained by funny scenes between Lee and Edward. Although there are several sexy scenes, but that is not the main focus of this film.

Why you should watch the movie Secretary
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Why you should watch the movie Secretary

If you are someone who likes to watch movies, then you must include an American film entitled Secretary in the list of films that you have to watch. There are several reasons that underlie why you must watch this film.

1. A very interesting storyline
This film has a storyline that is not marketable. The genre that is carried is a romantic comedy drama between an eccentric lawyer and his secretary. Each character has its own uniqueness, such as the eccentric Gray lawyer who was initially troubled by the performance of his secretary, Lee, who often made mistakes.

It didn’t stop there, apparently Lee’s carelessness and the woman’s nature brought Gray into a new problem. While Lee is a secretary who has his own problems. As a secretary, he is not very good at getting along and has problems in socializing and solving his problems. Lee was also a subordinate type who was very obedient and obedient to any orders given by his superiors which brought them both into more serious new problems.

2. Starring talented actors
Celebrities who play a role in this film are not celebrities carelessly. The cast of the female lead, Lee, is played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. Of course you already know and hear a lot about the greatness of the Gyllenhaal family. Margalith’s full name Ruth Gyllenhaal is a daughter actress and producer of the couple of famous filmmakers Stephen Gyllenhaal and Naomi Acchs. His younger brother, Jake Gyllenhaal, is also a famous actor with a lot of fans from

With such a trace, of course Maggie Gyllenhaal’s acting skills in playing Lee’s character need not be doubted. Then the opponent who plays the role of lawyer E. Edward Gray is an actor named James Spader. Previously he also played an eccentric figure in a film called Sex, Lies, and Videotape. Besides that, the traces of his career in portraying a character also often caught the attention of the film lovers. So don’t miss the film Secretary.

What should we know about the Movie Secretary
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What should we know about the Movie Secretary

Although this film was aired in 2002 ago, it still feels exciting if we are now discussing this film again. This Film Secretary is a film from the United States. The genre that is carried is romantic with the spice of comedy scenes that can make the audience laugh by funny scenes that often occur in each scene.

Secretary has a director named Steven Shainberg and for his own script written by Erin Cressida Wilson. Secretary’s long film was inspired and based on a short story of the same name made by Mary Gaitskill. For the cast of this film there is Maggie Gyllenhaal and also James Spader. Then what is the story from Secretary?

Explore the relationship between a lawyer who dominates and also his secretary. A secretary named Lee Holloway, played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, is a clumsy woman who doesn’t want to hang out. Has a very sensitive character as the youngest girl who doesn’t work well.

Lee Holloway finally decided to look for work to be accepted as a secretary from a very eccentric lawyer named E. Edward Gray who was portrayed by an actor named James Spader. Then Edward Gray said that if Lee Holloway had very high potential as his secretary, he had a much higher quality than anyone who applied to him and interviewed him.

Initially Gray was very disturbed by Lee’s ability to type which always made a lot of mistakes and other mistakes considering Lee was a clumsy woman, but then a new problem arose where Gray became very sexually attracted to Lee because Lee’s attitude was very obedient to him. Rupaya Gray has a fetish to someone who is very obedient like Lee. This story will be more interesting with many hilarious scenes that appear in most films. How do the two people’s interactions continue? You can watch it on the film titled Secretary