The Secrets Behind Secretary: A Movie by Steven Shainberg

Secretary is a movie directed by Steven Shainberg in 2002 and this movie has created a large fanbase over the years. Due to its popularity, people wonder what is behind this movie and how he can come up with the story. Sometimes, they assume that the story comes from real experience. Here is the truth.
– Original Work of Mary Gaitskill
The original idea of the movie is based on the work of Mary Gaitskill. The original work is a short story with the same title, Secretary. However, the original work and the movie are not 100% similar because, in the movie, Shainberh makes some adjustments so that the movie doesn’t have the same color of the story although the storyline is quite the same.

– Changes to Make The Movie Gets a Better Ending
Shainberg admitted that this movie is rather different from the original short story because if it is made into a movie, the story should have depth and enough length.

The adjustments are also intended because he wants the movie to be more normal and to remove negative views of the BDSM relationship, as when you remove the negative view of playing online slot at For example, in the movie, the main character doesn’t blame the boss and enjoys the relationship by shouting “I’m your secretary” instead of “I’m so stupid” which highlighted the moment of triumph.

The Secrets Behind Secretary

– Other Sources of Inspiration
Shainberg also added that the source of his inspiration also comes from the movie titled My Beautiful Laundrette. This movie was released in 1985 and it was one of the movies that brought up the issue of gay relationships. In this movie, the gay relationship seems very normal and the two actors have a great ending to their relationship. Shainberg wants to bring up the same issue and change the point of view of the BDSM relationship.

Shainberg gets the inspiration to create Secretary from the short story by Mary Gaitskill. But, there are some changes to the original story and he stated that he changed it because he was inspired by a movie titled My Beautiful Laundrette.