Trivia! Unique Facts of Secretary the Movie by Steven Shainberg

It has been almost 20 years ago since Maggie Gyllenhaal became a secretary in a lawyer’s office and encountered a BDSM experience with her boss. However, this movie still exists and is a reference to nowadays movies with the same theme. This romantic-comedy movie may always be worth it for your valentine’s movie-binge night. However, there are some unique facts about this move that you may find interesting.

• The Posters
When this movie was released, there were two poster versions available. One shows the boss, James Spader, and the secretary, Maggie Gyllenhaal in several scenes; the other shows a model bend over, and the picture is taken from behind. Many people assumed that the model is Maggie since her role in this movie is the secretary. The model’s attire is what a secretary will wear.

The surprising fact is not about the model was not Maggie. She said herself in an interview that she was not the model for that poster. It turns out that the model was someone who dated her ex-boyfriend at that time. It’s just a mind-blowing fact that as surprising as the winning.

• It’s Different from the Original Story
Many movies are adapted from a particular story or novel, and this movie is not an exception. Actually, not only movies but also the story are also inspired by the particular story to give the player a familiar sense. The script was written based on a story written by Mary Gaitskill, but some twists are on the movie version.

In the movie, the main character is the secretary, Lee Holloway, and the boss is E. Edward Grey. The setting for this movie is in Florida, and it is different from the original story. In Gaitskill’s version, the characters live in Michigan, and the main characters’ name is Debby Roe. At the same time, the employer is only known as “the lawyer.” It is not confirmed yet why the producer or the director change them, but after all, the change doesn’t intersect the story itself.

So, this movie may have something to offer you a different experience of a love-theme movie with BDSM spices. If you find it intriguing, you can try to watch this 7.0 rated movie. Happy watching!

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