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Uniqueness of Secretary Movie Compared to Other Films

Each film usually has its own uniqueness. One of them is like the one in the film titled Secretary. The film tells the story of a woman named Lee Holloway who just got out of a mental hospital. As a result of the childhood trauma he experienced, Lee also had a tendency to hurt himself while under pressure.

After leaving the mental hospital, Lee then decided to work as a secretary in a law firm owned by Edward Gray. This is where the uniqueness and essence of the story begins. Even though it has been released for quite a long time in 2002, film Secretary is still a favorite of many people from  today.

The Uniqueness of the Film Secretary Movie Compared to Other Films

Film Secretary told of Lee Holloway who had just finished his mental health therapy in a mental hospital. He later worked as a secretary in a law firm owned by Edward Gray. This boss is a perfectionist handsome lawyer and has some strange habits.

One of the weird habits of Edward is that he always injects his plants with vitamins. The goal is that the plant is always flowering. In addition, Edward also doesn’t like Lee making mistakes in his work. If there is an error made by Lee. So Edward will immediately punish Lee by “hurting him”.

One of the uniqueness of this film is that there are many sexy scenes that are reluctantly released by the director. But precisely this is where the story begins. Lee, who was given a punishment by being ‘hurt’ by Edward, actually felt uninterrupted. He instead enjoyed it. His bad habit of hurting himself was lost because Lee was happier if hurt by Edward.

Uniqueness of Secretary Movie Compared to Other FilmsUnexpectedly, this strange habit that occurred between the two actually made Lee fall in love with the boss. Edward himself also gradually grew to like Lee. But he felt frightened by his own feelings. Edward decided to fire Lee.

There is still more uniqueness displayed in this film Secretary. The idea of the film secretary is quite fresh. Because unlike other rom-com films which usually have a similar storyline to bring together the two main characters. But Edward and Lee fell in love in a strange and unusual way.

But this is precisely what makes the Secretary Movie unique. Although there are many frontal scenes, this is not the main focus of this film. Surely the romantic story between Lee and Edward is the essence of this story. Many messages can also be obtained from Lee’s persistence to convince Edward’s heart.

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