What Makes Secretary Movie by Seven Shainberg Great

What Makes Secretary Movie by Seven Shainberg Great

What Makes Secretary Movie by Seven Shainberg Great – In 2002, there is a very good film to watch. This film is titled Secretary with Maggie Gyllenhaal, starring James Spader, and Jeremy Davies as the main character. This film was directed by Steven Shainberg and comes with the genre Comedy, Drama, Romance. This film is rated for viewers over 18 years old. Duration 1 hour 47 minutes, this film tells the story of a young woman with certain conditions. She had just been discharged from a mental hospital where she got a professional job as a lawyer secretary. She and her lawyer had their professional relationship turned into a certain sexual disorder known as sadomasochistic sex.

In this romantic comedy drama film, Lee Holloway is played by Maggie Gyllenhall who is a secretary who not only works professionally but also becomes the object of her boss’s love. This film is packed with specific sexual elements, namely sadomasochism, which makes this film seem naughty in the eyes of many audiences. However, if you observe carefully, actually the specific sexual element is only a means to achieve a goal of delivering the message of the film Secretary. This film has a moral message with the social satire that exists in office life at that time. The depiction of S&M in this film is very clear and real. This film uses S&M as a taboo subject to be portrayed through something cheerful and sweet and of course this will be greeted differently.

Actress Maggie Gyllenhall co-stars with James Spader who plays his boss. Gyllenhall is steeped in the characteristics of being sweet, shy and experienced. Although sometimes annoying, he is very easy to like by people. On the other hand, the characteristics of Spader are cold, calm and calm people. This contrasting character is very evident in the very emotional Lee and his boss who is calm and does not have any emotion. The slick roles by Gyllenhall and Spader make this film very fun and look realistic. However, events like this are very rarely found in the reality of life. Overall, this film is very satisfying.

Secretary is a fun film and should be watched for entertainment. The story and duration are quite good and not boring. The most important thing from this film is the moral message that is raised by Steven Shainberg. Of course this film is highly recommended for those of you who like romantic comedy dramas. No wonder this film received 15 awards and 26 nominations including a Golden Globe.

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