Achievement of Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg

Achievement of Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg

Have you ever watched a movie titled Secretary? The film was released in 2002 and has gained considerable success. Film Secretary tells of a woman named Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who just got out of a mental hospital due to a childhood trauma she experienced.

Holloway is said to easily hurt himself if he is under pressure. After leaving his therapy at the asylum, Holloway then decided to work as a secretary in a law firm belonging to Mr. Gray. This is where the story begins. This film reap considerable success by gaining several awards from the world film event. In addition, film secretaries are still enjoyed today by film fans.

Award for Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg

Film Secretary directed by Steven Shainberg. In this film, Lee Holloway, who recently completed his mental health therapy at the hospital, decided to work in a lawyer office owned by Mr Gray. The boss, Mr. Gray, it turns out it’s no less strange. This boss is a handsome lawyer who is obsessed with perfection at work.

He does not like it until an error occurs, even in trivial matters. Another strange thing from Mr. Gray is, he always injects vitamins for plants in his room. The goal is that the plant is always flowering. Mr. Gray then taught Lee how to become a perfect secretary without making mistakes.

One of the highlights of this film is some fairly frontal sexual scenes. For example, there are several scenes where Mr. Gray hit the butt of Lee. Strangely, Lee instead enjoyed it. Her bad habits for hurting herself are gone and she is happier if she is hurt by Mr. Gray.

Over time, Lee also fell in love with Mr. Gray. But, Mr. Gray who actually likes Lee feels frightened by his own feelings and decides to sack Lee unilaterally. Surely Lee was shocked by Mr. Gray fired him. But he also must or not have to accept.

Feeling hurt, Lee finally tried to find an escape to another man. He even almost married his high school friend, Peter. But ‘in the end, Lee realized that he only loved Mr. Gray.

This original story idea brought many awards to the film Secretary. It turns out that many people enjoy this dark comedy movie. Behind the sexy and frontal scenes, of course there are still messages that can be obtained by the audience. This is what led the film Secretary to get a lot of awards from several world film events.

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