Review of Secretary Movie

Review of Secretary Movie

Review of Secretary Movie – Films with romance-comedy themes have always been a favorite of many people. One of the rom-com genre films that has been released for a long time but which you can still enjoy until now is Secretary. This film tells the story of a woman who has a tendency to hurt herself.

The woman just left the mental institution. He finally decided to work as a secretary in a law firm. But the funny thing is, he fell in love with his own boss. Then what is the next story? If you are curious and want to know more about this film, please refer to the following review.

Film Review Romance Secretary Movie

Secretary Movie tells the story of a woman named Lee Holloway played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. It is said that Holloway has a tendency to injure himself while feeling depressed. Because of this condition, he also had to spend several years in a mental institution.

After he finished his therapy in a mental institution, Lee then decided to work as a secretary for Edward Gray, a lawyer who could be said to be shy, introverted, and rather freaky. Of course, the relationship between the two began with professionals. Lee worked as a secretary in Edward’s office. Even though Edward as a boss is quite strange. He is very perfectionist and does not want any slight mistakes. Even typing errors may not occur.

For every mistake made by Lee, Edward has his own sentence. Unexpectedly, this is where the beginning of romance began. Edward punished by “hurting” Lee every time a mistake was made. Even though the error is quite trivial. But the punishment given to Lee didn’t even bother him.

Strangely, Lee instead enjoyed the punishment given by Edward. This is all because of Lee’s habit of always hurting himself. Lee began to stop the habit of hurting himself. Finally, Lee and Edward’s relationship became even closer because of the strange needs of both. From this feeling of mutual need, they fell in love with each other.

Unfortunately, Edward, who was afraid of the feeling of falling in love with Lee, finally decided to fire Lee. Even though Lee didn’t want to be fired, he finally quit this job. To fill the void left by Edward, Lee finally decided to look for another man. He even almost married his high school friend, Peter.

But Lee later realized that he had actually only loved Edward. He also decided to cancel his marriage and chase Edward to his office. In the end, the film ends happily. The original story ideas and dark comedy presented in the film Secretary are able to keep the audience entertained.

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