Steven Shainberg, The mind behind the Movie Secretary

Steven Shainberg, The mind behind the Movie Secretary If you have ever watched an American romantic comedy entitled the Secretary, you know if the film that gets the Box Office is a film produced by Steven Shainberg. Steven Shainberg is the niece of a well-known author named Lawrence Shainberg. Both were members of the Shainberg family who came from the state of Tennessee to be the inventors of the large chain store Shainberg which is now part of the Dollar General. Steven Shainberg was born on February 5, 1963 by having various professions simultaneously such as a producer, director, and also a reliable scriptwriter. Steven Shainberg himself graduated from Yale University majoring in English Literature and East Asian Studies. His passion in movie makes him to be very interested in learning about all things related to movie making. After graduating and earning a degree, he worked as a manager, assistant director, production section coordinator, and also as assistant director in various projects such as films, advertisements and also music rock videos. With various kinds of work, he gained a lot of experience and new knowledge and further sharpened his abilities in the art world. Then apparently Steven Shienberg also worked as a director who worked independently to work on Joseph Conrad's adaptation projects, The Secret Agents and also Henry James. In 1998, a short film titled Mr. Viril aired for almost a month on MTV in addition to his video for Debbie Harry, Strike Me Pink. Then Steven began to work independently by making feature films called Hit Me based on Jim Thompson's novel entitled A Swell-Looking Babe, with a premiere that appeared on Toronto International Film in 1996 and was also released at the theater in 1998. But after that Steven Shienberg seemed to have been on hiatus for several years before finally reappearing in 2002 with a successful romantic comedy drama film called The Secretary.