Fun Facts About Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg

Fun Facts About Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg

Fun Facts About Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg – The Secretary Movie is a romantic and erotic movie directed by Steven Shainberg in 2002. The plot of the movie is interesting to see. This movie can be categorized as an adult movie since the story spotlight the sexual habit between the boss and his employee. This movie is a huge success and remains an erotic movie which not much in that era. Here are the fun facts about Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg.

– Based on Short Story

Secretary Movie is a movie made by a short story, titled “Bad Behaviour” by Mary Gaitskill. The public knows her as the American short story writer and novelist. There are many top American magazines review on her works. Gaitskill was born on 11 November 1954 in Lexington, Kentucky. Her work mostly talked about romance, erotic, sex, sadomasochism and other critical issues experienced by the teenager. Her work called Bad Behavior discussed BDSM and submission also a dominant relationship which is a more popular theme today. This theme is even used in many other industries including online gambling games as offered widely.

– The Main Characters Get Positive Feedback for Their Performance

The main character of the movie, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and James Spander gets a positive critic for their role in this movie. People applause for their performance since the movie gives unusual plots comparing to another movie at that time. The brilliant acting skills from the main characters are giving a splendid atmosphere to the movie itself.

– Huge Success

This movie gains huge profits for its appearance in the cinema. The production budget of the movie itself is around 4 million US dollars and the profit received by the movie is 9.3 million US dollars. The movie itself said not played in every cinema in the United States, only certain cinemas play the movie but still, the profit is twice as much as initial capital.

– Many Unusual Scenes

Since this movie focus on erotic and romantic love movie, there are many unusual scenes appeared in the movie. The main player, Maggie Gyllenhaal doubts herself at the beginning. She challenges herself after the director; Steven Shainberg asked her to challenge herself in acting skills and proved her talent as the actress. There are many funny yet erotic scenes appear during the movie but this movie to be said as the inspiration for fifty shades of grey movie.

Secretary Movie is an unusual movie since it challenges its players to play the extraordinary characters in this movie. There are many fun facts about this movie. They are the movie based on the short story by Mary Gaitskill, the main characters get positive feedback for their performance, get huge success and there are many unusual scenes in the movie.

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