The Theme Taken from the Secretary Movie

The Theme Taken from the Secretary Movie

Currently there are various types of film themes in circulation. Starting from films with horror themes, thrillers, sci-fi, romance, to comedy. It seems that now a light film with a romantic comedy theme is becoming a favorite of many people. Films with romantic comedy themes are not only entertaining in terms of comedy.

The romantic stories told can also entertain and give moral messages to the audience. An example of a film with a romantic comedy theme that has been released for quite a long time but is still liked by the community is Secretary. The film, directed by Steven Shainberg has a funny and romantic storyline. Perfect for you to watch while relaxing.

Theme from Secretary Movie

Secretary Movie is a film with a romantic comedy theme. This film tells the story of Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who works as a secretary in a lawyer office owned by Edward Gray. It sounds like there is nothing wrong with Lee’s profession as a secretary. But if you watch this movie, you will realize that Lee actually has a disorder where he tends to hurt himself when he is feeling depressed.

This is why at the beginning of the story, Lee was told that he had just left the mental institution. Only then did he work in the office of Edward Gray. As a boss, Edward is known to be quite strange for but professional. He is very perfectionist when it comes to work.

Sexy elements can also be found in this film. It was told that for every mistake made by Lee, he would get a sentence from Edward. Lee will be ‘hurt’ by his boss as a punishment if he made a mistake. It turned out that the punishment given to Lee didn’t even bother him.

Lee actually enjoyed the punishment given by Edward. This is related to Lee’s habit of hurting himself. Finally, Lee decided to avoid the habit of hurting himself. The relationship between Lee and Edward began to form from this interdependence.

You can see the romantic theme directly when Lee and Edward start falling in love with each other. Edward, who was afraid of his own feelings of falling in love with Lee, decided to immediately fire Lee from his office. Of course this makes Lee feel upset and hurt. He also decided to look for another man.

Even Lee almost married his high school friend, Peter. But the marriage was finally canceled because Lee realized that he only loved Edward. With this romantic love story, film Secretary is able to entertain his fans. In addition, the audience will also be entertained by funny scenes between Lee and Edward. Although there are several sexy scenes, but that is not the main focus of this film.

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