A Brief review of Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg

A Brief review of Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg

Hollywood is one of the biggest movie industry in the world. One of the most popular romantic comedy-drama in Hollywood is Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg. It belongs to a romantic drama comedy movie. The writer of this film is Erin Cressida Wilson. This movie was directed by Steven Shainberg. Well, actually, The Secretary Movie is an adaptation of the short story. The title of the story is Secretary and written by Mary Gaitskill. The Secretary Movie involves some actors and actresses to play some roles. The female lead is Maggie Gyllenhaal who plays Lee Holloway as a submissive secretary. Meanwhile, the male lead is James Spader who plays E. Edward Grey as the boss of Lee. The other casts are Joan Holloway as Lesley Ann Warren, Burt Holloway as Stephen McHattie, Peter as Jeremy Davies , Tricia O’Connor as Jessica Tuck, Dr as Patrick Bauchau. Twardon, Amy Locane as Lee’s sister, Oz Perkins as Jonathan, Michael Mantell as Stewart, Sabrina Grdevich as Allison and Ezra Buxxington as typing teacher.

The movie tells a story about Lee Holloway being a submissive secretary. She is easily getting awkward in some situations since she is living in a dysfunctional family. She has been hospitalized for a while due to self-harm action. After that, she managed to be a secretary to start a new life. Then, she applied as a secretary under the attorney, E. Edward Grey, by achieving the highest score among the applicants. The story of Secretary Movie was started by the madness of Grey towards Lee’s mistakes. However, as time goes on, Grey started to feel a sexual interest in the behavior of Lee. She was obedient to all of the orders of Grey. After the confrontation with Lee’s self-harm action, Lee started to fall in love with Grey. However, Grey felt some insecurity through some conditions.

Secretary Movie by Steven Shainberg

After that, Lee was encountered with Peter and did sex with him. Grey who knew about this fired Lee immediately. Actually, Lee was planning to get married to Peter. However, on the wedding day, Lee was running out through Grey’s office. In the office, Lee was tested by Grey to keep quiet and sit in the chair for several hours. Lee who was truly in love with Grey followed his command. After knowing about this situation, Grey apologized to her and marry her. The Secretary Movie was released in 2002. This movie can obtain about $4.1 million based on ticket sales in the US and Canada. In addition, this movie also obtains about $9.3 million throughout the world.

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