Alternative Casts for Secretary Movie’s Lee Holloway

Alternative Casts for Secretary Movie’s Lee Holloway

Alternative Casts for Secretary Movie’s Lee Holloway – This movie is a rather different BDSM movie which lightly depicts masochism. The character of the submissive secretary belongs to Maggie Gyllenhaal. There may not be any other actress can play the role as well as her. Still, there are some alternative casts which may fit the character if Gyllenhaal didn’t accept the offer.
• Isabelle Huppert from the Piano Teacher (2001)
Isabelle Huppert can be an alternative for Lee Holloway character not because of her submissive characteristics but her experience in this kind of movie. Huppert plays a masochist character in the film The Piano Teacher in 2001 which a sort of BDSM movie.

Alternative Casts for Secretary Movie’s Lee Holloway

Huppert plays a character of masochist piano teacher who seduces her student. Her acting is so delicate that the audience can see how tempting is her seduction. It is as tempting as playing games in the online casino, especially, since the jackpot is so big. So, playing Lee Holloway may not be a difficult task for her.

• Kerry Fox from the Intimacy (2001)
Kerry Fox may be the next choice for Secretary main actress. Her role in Intimacy as an unnamed girl who has sex with a bartender every Wednesday is quite not ordinary in the right way. And you can’t stop to aim at the jackpot as soon as you sign up to play. She had to do the wordless and graphic sex scene, which give her an experience to this BDSM character.

• Heather Graham from Killing Me Softly (2002)
This movie is not necessarily BDSM, but the erotic scene by Heather Graham is a good prove that she might be good to act as Lee Holloway. Her soft features also fit into the character and can benefit the movie differently from Gyllenhaal.

Secretary Movie’s Lee Holloway

In Killing Me Softly, Graham plays as Alice who abandons her boyfriend to be with a climber. Allice and the climber meet as a stranger. Yet, Alice is captivated by his charm. After having passionate sex with him, she chooses the climber than her boyfriend. Graham’s experience in this movie can be a great advantage to act as Lee Holloway.

Those are alternatives for Lee Holloway in Secretary movie. However, no one can replace the iconic Maggie Gyllenhaal for this character. These alternatives may make the film has a different side which can lead to audience disappointment.

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