What should we know about the Movie Secretary

What should we know about the Movie Secretary

Although this film was aired in 2002 ago, it still feels exciting if we are now discussing this film again. This Film Secretary is a film from the United States. The genre that is carried is romantic with the spice of comedy scenes that can make the audience laugh by funny scenes that often occur in each scene.

Secretary has a director named Steven Shainberg and for his own script written by Erin Cressida Wilson. Secretary’s long film was inspired and based on a short story of the same name made by Mary Gaitskill. For the cast of this film there is Maggie Gyllenhaal and also James Spader. Then what is the story from Secretary?

Explore the relationship between a lawyer who dominates and also his secretary. A secretary named Lee Holloway, played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, is a clumsy woman who doesn’t want to hang out. Has a very sensitive character as the youngest girl who doesn’t work well.

Lee Holloway finally decided to look for work to be accepted as a secretary from a very eccentric lawyer named E. Edward Gray who was portrayed by an actor named James Spader. Then Edward Gray said that if Lee Holloway had very high potential as his secretary, he had a much higher quality than anyone who applied to him and interviewed him.

Initially Gray was very disturbed by Lee’s ability to type which always made a lot of mistakes and other mistakes considering Lee was a clumsy woman, but then a new problem arose where Gray became very sexually attracted to Lee because Lee’s attitude was very obedient to him. Rupaya Gray has a fetish to someone who is very obedient like Lee. This story will be more interesting with many hilarious scenes that appear in most films. How do the two people’s interactions continue? You can watch it on the film titled Secretary

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