Why you should watch

Why you should watch the movie Secretary

If you are someone who likes to watch movies, then you must include an American film entitled Secretary in the list of films that you have to watch. There are several reasons that underlie why you must watch this film.

1. A very interesting storyline
This film has a storyline that is not marketable. The genre that is carried is a romantic comedy drama between an eccentric lawyer and his secretary. Each character has its own uniqueness, such as the eccentric Gray lawyer who was initially troubled by the performance of his secretary, Lee, who often made mistakes.

It didn’t stop there, apparently Lee’s carelessness and the woman’s nature brought Gray into a new problem. While Lee is a secretary who has his own problems. As a secretary, he is not very good at getting along and has problems in socializing and solving his problems. Lee was also a subordinate type who was very obedient and obedient to any orders given by his superiors which brought them both into more serious new problems.

2. Starring talented actors
Celebrities who play a role in this film are not celebrities carelessly. The cast of the female lead, Lee, is played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. Of course you already know and hear a lot about the greatness of the Gyllenhaal family. Margalith’s full name Ruth Gyllenhaal is a daughter actress and producer of the couple of famous filmmakers Stephen Gyllenhaal and Naomi Acchs. His younger brother, Jake Gyllenhaal, is also a famous actor with a lot of fans from

With such a trace, of course Maggie Gyllenhaal’s acting skills in playing Lee’s character need not be doubted. Then the opponent who plays the role of lawyer E. Edward Gray is an actor named James Spader. Previously he also played an eccentric figure in a film called Sex, Lies, and Videotape. Besides that, the traces of his career in portraying a character also often caught the attention of the film lovers. So don’t miss the film Secretary.

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